Karl is coming back today from VEGAS where he has been all week - AND AND he has 200 extra dollars.. AND AND he has some pictures for us to see.. AND AND that's it. he went to teach a training class to a branch his company has there and got to enjoy some night life. (gambling. he. loves. gambling. i. hate. it.)

last night i joined matt price and some others on the deck (love.that.deck.gorgeous.weather.) at Cajun's for $2 beers then headed to the Cross Eyed Pig with my good friend mike pirnique to play some darts and eat some piggy. someone should seriously consider making a documentary of this dart league he is in. it's hilarious and crazy.

that's it for now. i need some blogging inspiration this weekend so i can entertain you all monday!


Elizabeth Spann said...

We have been seriously slacking in the blogging department. And when I say "we," I mean everyone else. :) Just kidding. I haven't put good pics on in a long time. At least you and I update. :) KRISTEN! ha, ha.

Sarah said...

you're funny. cannot wait to see his vegas pics.

did not try to make you worry about the rawhides. i still let scarelett have those every onces in a while, at least they can dissolve. and they really do have to chew at them. i think those are only dangerous if your dog were to swallow a big ol piece without chewing enough. i am sure they are fine.

i just don't like the greenies because i think they contributed to my scarlett's tummy problems.