mimi's party!

family time - mimi's bdady celebration took place thursday night at Fantastic China and then back to MK and Rea's for some fabulous Italian Cream Cake. Karl's aunt Judy made the celebration from North Carolina! So good to see her and hang out! she got to brag on Phillip who we love and miss and hope to see SOON!

Check out some of his stuff here (he prolly wouldn't tell you but his momma would - he has been quoted in USA Today and on the ever beloved NPR! yea for him!):

Wachovia Announcement!

Housing Market Quote

Don't you think he and my sister should hang out... hmmm.. too bad he has a girlfriend and that might be a weird family thing... :) maybe he can just help her get a jobbity job!!


brooke knight said...

thats cool! i LOVE NPR. i donated money to them 6 mo ago and they are hitting me up again, but i think they are getting the shaft this time. me poor.

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