GET THIS. I had to ('we got to' karl says) CALL THE HOGS on camera at the tailgate and we're (once again!) famous on the internet! Click HERE to check it out - you will have to click on the "tailgating fun" video. (dear democrat-gazette, please provide individual links to your individual videos if you would like more people to view them. ugh.) ANYWAY you can see me one arm hog-calling (that makes it okay!) with our group!

we spent some time at the Arkansas Razorbacks Tailgate this Saturday (they played in Little Rock at War Memorial Stadium) with friends and family. i think i lost a pound b/c of the sauna that is the outdoors. good god it was warm but NO COMPLAIN' from me! i like losing pounds. Check out the rockin' camo (Did you know there are different TYPES of camo based on where you hunt?!!? who knew!?) hat - i bought one for rea and one for karl at a gas station in the ozarks for hunting this year. it makes me giggle. a camo razorback hat. hehe. too funny to pass up. it's
almost as funny as karl's dirt smelling dryer sheets. i decided to steal it (INDIAN GIVER) and wear it to the tailgate.

in baseball news (i know you care):
red sox SWEEP the angels.
rockies SWEEP the phillies.
d-backs SWEEP the cubbies (thank GOD!)
indians are in progress right now SWEEPing the yanks. (sa-weet stuff. i'm listening to the game right now like an old lady on the radio. c'mon a-roddy rod... hit the BALL! ha! rumor has it joe torre's job might be on the line after this season which is just nutso)

the quickness is kind of freaking me out BUT whatever - come on indians - on to the race for the Pennant!

f star star star. i am jinxing the indians yankee game. the yanks are coming back.
i gotta go stress out about it now. COME ON CLEVELAND. UGH. JOHNNY DAMON I HATE YOU!! (though i hope you aren't a terrible human being). OH MY. looks like this series might not be a clean sweep after all. i guess someone had to make the post season exciting. who can concentrate on football when BASEBALL IS STILL HAPPENING? (oh. wait. what? i can't hear you. what? oh, that's right. EVERYONE else in america. daaaaaang.)


a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

great video clip! one arm hog calling? not everyone can pull that off sister! i hear that there is a movie in the works! wonder who will play you guys. :)

melissa said...

hey, i went to high school with that guy...

brooke knight said...

last night was seriously your fault!

(i refuse to watch the video because i am too excited about cheering for TU this weekend!)

Leah Billings said...

Did you really say "dirt smelling dryer sheets?" That's amazing. Oh, the lengths men will go...My dad and all his brothers up north in MN are big hunters, and one of my uncles actually buried his hunting clothes in the ground for a week before the season opener.

Elizabeth Spann said...

You're wearing camo. Hee hee hee hee hee.
Cute pigtails though, lady.

care said...

okay, that video made me laugh.

and I don't get the one arm thingie.

jennifer said...

I've never been more embarrased to know you/say i am related to you in my life. Seriouly. The shame. Happy Columbus Day..suckers!

Sarah said...

i don't give a poop about the sports stuff that you just wrote, but i must say that you and karly-warly are a cutie-pa-tootie couple.