"we have to stop for hunting gloves"

ok. we spent the weekend in tulsa for two reasons: 1. jenny's bachelorette party on friday. 2. TU homecoming!

happy sunday night! i am settling in to watch the rainy d-back and rockies game (BASEBALL PEOPLE). it looks pretty cold at coors field!

i have many pictures. just not sure which to post. the weekend was fun. and exhasting. all at the same time. let's just say while i had a great time tailgating i am glad i am not in college anymore! it was really great to see everyone and i am looking forward to homecoming 08! (it will be YEAR FIVE in our spot!!)

i might be too tired to post and might want to drag it out over a few days. so here are some hawt pics of me and melissa at the bass pro shop on our way back! karl made us stop for hunting gloves. that's a mountain lion in the background of the glass elevator. yea it is.


melissa said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha! that mountain lion was pretty scary, although not nearly as scary as the elevator itself, in my opinion. and i can't believe we haven't been invited to go hunting when we obviously look cuter in camo than anyone EVER.

Elizabeth Spann said...

Glad you guys had fun! ;)

Lauryl Lane said...

oh my, i don't even think i want to know what you are doing...

Chandle said...

You better get away from that Mountain Lion. They can kill through class, with their super power claws. I would have been scared too. Glad you had fun.

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