if you haven't watched ANTM please stop reading (and other oddities)

so, there is this thing i do with my seeester and her friends. it is called fantasy ANTM (americas next top model for all of you who live in a hole). AND the way it works is this: we pick our top three and get a point each week they stay in. As a BONUS point, we pick who gets kicked off each week. my pick last night: ambreal. WHO. TOTALLY. GOT. KICKED. OFF. by the judges and then STUPID EBONY (i know ambreal and ebony are somewhat ridiculous-ey modeley names - there is also a chantal, a saleisha, a bianca, a mila and a lisa - and yes i feel lisa is a ridiculous name.) ANYWAY, as I was saying, STUPID EBONY decides to throw in the towel, costing me my point and her her future. Tyra was NOT happy. I was NOT happy. A million other viewers hoping boring Ambreal was going to get kicked off were NOT happy. I'm not actually sure how the world is functioning today. Has anyone ever QUIT antm?

this too shall pass, right? (oh the drama!)

in more important news, i have lost three pounds.


melissa said...

OKAY I AM GOING TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE THAT'S HOW UPSET WITH YOU I AM. FOR STARTERS, LISA IS NOT A RIDICULOUS NAME. IT IS MY SISTER'S NAME. AND, ALTHOUGH SHE IS A RIDICULOUS PERSON THE NAME IS NOT SO BAD. SECONDLY, YOUR NEGATIVITY ABOUT THE RED SOX HAS GOT ME ALL WOUND UP AND I AM UNSURE IF WE CAN EVER BE IN THE SAME ROOM AGAIN. MY BLOOD IS BOILING AT YOUR HIDEOUS COMMENT ON MY BLOG AND I FEEL LIKE IF YOU WERE HERE RIGHT NOW WE'D BE BOXING. okay here's the thing, i xox you. let's just be friends about the sox. manny ramirez may not be america's hero, but f*cker can hit like no one else. let's just call it even. i love the sox, who have an all-star roster and made it to the world series this year. and you love the cardinals, probably only out of convenience. i can't see any other reason behind rooting for them. call me soon and we'll hug it out. love you. :)

melissa said...

p.s. congrats on the poundage! please don't stand next to me during picture time. : )

Leah Billings said...

Apparently I made some horrible yell when Ebony baled b/c Blue came running in asking me what happen (presuming it was something in real life) and then proceeded to make fun of me for reacting so forcefully, but you're right! NO ONE has ever quit during a judging. The only thing I can think of that comes close is when that silly beauty pageant girl from Texas got kicked out b/c she wouldn't let them cut her hair. All I have to say is that the girl (Ebony) must have some serious issues. To do what she did is just a little too looney tunes...And it WAS lame that boring Ambreal got to stay because of it. Boooo!

Anonymous said...

I know! I couldn't believe it! I am still pissed off. She was a shoe-in to win!! Stupid Ebony...

Angela said...

I had to quit ANTM a while ago. Because its never like they become America's next top model, ya know?

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