goodnight moon

  • i have heart burn. literally my heart is ON FIRE. (ever since i quit smoking, i swear IT BURNS ALL THE TIME!)
  • beauty and the geek, ANTM, all RECAP shows. RECAPS = ANNOYING.
  • so far we have had five trick or treaters. FIVE. why did i even make the effort to buy candy?
  • karl and i went to "Boo at the Zoo" last night. While "Boo at the Zoo" in theory is good b/c it supports the zoo, it was a complete waste of time. maybe because there were 'candy stations' for the kiddos - each one sponsored by one corporation or another - i mean, candy wrapped in corporate logos? what is that even saying to a five year old? like we don't see enough advertising all day everyday. ANYWAY.
  • tangent over.
  • i am feeling uninspired to blog. truly.
  • sorry.
  • charlies.
  • until next time (when i promise to be more entertaining!)


Elizabeth Spann said...

We didn't have many trick-or-treaters either... much less than last year!! And I bought a TON of candy. Whoops. Glad there were re-cap shows this week cause I didn't tape ONE of them. I have lost my dang mind. :D

melissa said...

so sad, little kat. :( no worries pigeon; in 48 hours our hot asses are going to be in MEXICO. oh good lord i can't wait. i'm kind of glad antm was a recap last night, too. i couldn't concentrate on anything and i'm afraid i would've missed something important. :) xox

Anonymous said...

I hate Trick or Treaters! No, I really hate those smelly kids with the stinky feet and all. I made popcorn balls and tried to lure the kids to eat them. But there parents just gave me a mean look. I say screw them. I'll eat them all and then get fat. Next all the neighbors will call me piggy. I hate that nickname. That's what the kids called me when I was young and in love.
Now look at me. I hate being 50! Kat, stay young. And Carl take care of CAt.
See you at ABPG.com

Lauryl Lane said...

i'm glad we live in an apartment and don't have to deal with the trick-or-treaters... i hate little kids. well, most little kids are little brats. i would like well-behaved little kids. anyway, eat the candy yourself. that's what we do. hey, i thought you'd gotten that heart burn taken care of?

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