happy birthday GOOGLE!

i would just like to say HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY to google. because i love google and gmail and picassa and google earth and ALL the wonderful, mind-boggling things it does!

i would also like to say a BIG THANKS to eric and emily for having us over last night and especially to ERIC for calling karl's mom about what kind of cake to get (cheesecake!) for his bday! it was super sweet and thoughtful. and the match candle was perfect! i will say it again... we have the best friends! thanks to all who came and/or left bday messages!!

you all rule.

p.s. who saw the LSU/Ten game!?! it was GOOD stuff!


Leah Billings said...

I agree. The conglomerate of friends that everyone has created IS fabulous. By the way, what is picassa and google earth?

Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO VOLS!!! The game was wonderful...I almost gave up after the first half. But Clausen went in a proved himself worthy of a starting position. Isn't Rocky Top just wonderful...

Anonymous said...

I am sad to say that I missed the party, I was out of town. Happy Birthday anyway Karl

emily and eric said...

we had soo much fun!! i can's believe you have been married for 1 whole month!!!time flys

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