my baby sister got a job....

look at this sweet baby girl w/ the blonde curls... she just found out yesterday she got an internship position (that may develop into a job) w/ a firm called Capstone Investments in Milwaukee!! Congrats to her! She starts tommorow!! Email her: jennifer.horan@marquette.edu w/ congrats and good luck!

picture of us circa 1985, maybe 1986.

i feel OLD!! one tear for little sisters getting J-O-B-S.

Welcome to the real world.


Leah Billings said...

You two look so cute! I love seeing people's baby pictures. And congrats to your sis. I know how it feels (getting older and such). My youngest sister started driving recently. Ahhhh!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Awesome! Congratualations!
Seriously. You girls are adorable. PS, Kat- we are not old. I refuse to believe that.

Anonymous said...

um that is so cute. i love your hair cut kat. tell your sis congrats.

Susan said...

Your face is the same!

Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhhhh.........remember when I was cuter than you? those were the days.......

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