schedule a date with us?

so apa-r-ANT-ly we are busy for the next month. hahaha! but we are flexible to any and all scheduling changes so if you need to schedule a date with either karl or kat please let us know!

weekend plans:

sept 24-6 (this weekend): UNIVERSITY OF TULSA HOMECOMING 2005!!! woo hoo.. our year long planning (since last year's event!) is coming to an end! Homecoming is this weekend! Audra, Karl, Mike, and I will be arriving sometime Friday evening. Audra will once again be bringing THE TENT OF FUN.

oct 1: Caitlin and Eric Wedding in Kansas City.
oct 8: Matt Dill and Meredith Wedding in Tulsa.
oct 15: Kat's parents come to Little Rock from St. L!!


Anonymous said...

We feel your pain of the business. We are just now getting a break from the the summer events. And it will all start again soon with my cousin's wedding and the right into the holidays. It makes time go by fast though. Enoy all the activities!!!

Anonymous said...

I would definitely like to schedule a "play date" with you Kat. You knew who I am just hit me on my 2-way and let me know when.

melissa said...

I was just wondering if I could reserve my room at the Horan/Hills motel incase this storm takes out the rest of the Louisiana coast? I have a feeling that Arkansas may become a very popular state...

Susan said...

Girl, I feel ya. I haven't had a weekend at home since...well, I can't remember when...But, hey, that means we've got a lot of good friends, right?! Too bad having a lot of good friends is so damn expensive (espeically with them all getting married and having babies)!

Elizabeth Spann said...

I'll be HERE, holding down the home front for you guys! Have fun.

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