So i kinda liked it...

getting a rise out of people for a post... it might be addicting....


Q. What is George W. Bush's position on Roe vs Wade?

A: He really doesn't care how the people get out of New Orleans.

take that, rush limbaugh or whoever you are that left comments last time!!


brooke knight said...

what i get no credit for this?!?!! i gave you this nugget of goodness! (okay, i got it from my mother-in-law!)

Elizabeth Spann said...

I cannot believe the audacity you have to post something like this! If your husband had any decency...
HA- I'm totally kidding. It was funny.

Jennifer said...

I am disgusted that you would use a tragedy of this nature for your own political humor. I'm sure thats exactly what the people suffering need, someone joking about it. Figures Liberal!

Jennifer said...

Okay I was totally joking. It looked really harsh so I thought I should add that even I found it slightly humerous!!

Anonymous said...

If I was George Bush and all those people had been warned NUMEROUS times to evacuate the city because a MASSIVE hurricane was coming to demolish the entire city, I probably wouldn't be terribly concerned with how they were going to get out, either. That's one of the biggest problems in our country. We allow idiots to do whatever the hell they want to, then we spend time and money trying to bail their asses out, and anyone who points out their idiocy is crucified at the stake of public opinion.

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