my girlfriend is back! survivor begins!

so this is stephanie from survivor... last season... who gets a chance to compete again this season! the SEASON OPENER was on last night and it was good. it is going to be a good season and survivor parties will soon be reinstated!


Angela said...

Steph is cheating on me with you! She's my favorite-- too bad we can't have Survivor parties together! The Tulsa guy Blake is one of Mike's brothers friends.

Elizabeth Spann said...

OH NO! I looked at your blog! The surprise is RUINED!!
Oh well, that's ok- I LOVE STEPHANIE TOO! So I'm happy.

Anonymous said...

i heart stephanie! i am so happy she is back! she kicks butt!

brooke knight said...

i can't believe you guys watch survivor! isnt it like "SURVIVOR 27: the college years" or something now?!?!?!


Susan said...

I don't watch it, but I'd like to swap bodies with her. Think she'd be up for it?!

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