this tree is in our FRONT YARD!! can you believe that? it totally fell OVER yesterday in the wind and the rain.... it's huge and according to the neighbors 25 years old! how does that HAPPEN?!? thank god it didn't fall on the HOUSE!! we aren't really sure what to do with the tree. i want to prop it back up but karl says we probably have to chop it all up.

sadness. stupid tree. not strong enuf for thousand mph winds.
i don't want to chop you up but i think i have no choice!!  Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

This gives Karl a great excuse to play with the chainsaw this weekend!! Glad it wasn't on your house!!

Anonymous said...

oh no! that sucks! prop it back up...yeah, good idea kat! lol.....

Elizabeth Spann said...

You could always make it into a boat so the tree can be your friend forever. Like the Giving Tree.
PS- I see NO root system there. Very shallow. Boo.

Matt said...

I say you make a Hills family totem pole out of it. You can just stick it back where the tree used to be as a memorial.

On the other hand, you could get some good material for the stick fights out in Maumelle from that tree.

emily and eric said...

my vote goes to athe stick fighting!

Unknown said...

wow. so sad, the poor tree. you could always just dry it out and have a bonfire with it...though i doubt that's allowed in the lr city limits.

Matty D said...

Karl and Kat what's happening. I'll need you to go ahead cut that tree up on Saturday ummkay. And maybe on Sunday too.
We're counting down to St. Patty's Day! (The patron saint of the engineers)

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