In breaking news, the St. James basketball team (that karl and matt coach) won their game last night 51-31! They will be playing in the finals on Saturday. He said every single kid on the team scored points yesterday except for one! What wonderful coaches those kiddos have! The one who didn’t score apparently “shoots like a girl.” WHAT? CLICK HERE AND READ NOW! AND THAT is all I have to say about that! 580 out of 585.

In other news,

  • Survivor night is happening once again this evening!
  • Audra’s sister Alexis will be in town to hang out this weekend.
  • Kirby Puckett died…. Of a stroke at age 45! I loved Kirby Puckett and thought he was the coolest baseball player ever…he was always so excited like a little kid when he played! Also slightly sad b/c I was reading about some “scandals” that were never proved (history of violence with his ex-wife and a sexual assault charge) that I had no idea about. May or may not be true. I like to believe not. Oh Kirby. I am glad you were already inducted in the Hall of Fame! Read more about Kirby's death here
  • Karl is going to New York, Las Vegas, and Tennessee in the next two months for work. Three weeks. YUCK! slumber party anyone? or 'bunking party' as my arkansan friends might say! (Susan Mulhearn taught me that phrase!)
  • The weather in LR RIGHT NOW IS FREAKING ME OUT! It’s crazy out there – wind and torrential down poor - and I am getting ready to leave for a lunch at St. Vincent’s on Workplace Ethics for one of our associations! GREAT!! Say a little prayer that Sally the Saturn gets me there and back. And my gas light is on. of course.

    This post is random much like my morning!


Elizabeth Spann said...

Ohhh... the pressure of free throws. I so often cracked. Ha, ha.
It's definitely "bunkin' party" not bunking. We drop the "g's" 'round these parts. And YES, I'm definitely in. Can we put on face masks, watch movies and have pillow fights. And talk about boys allll night? :)

Susan said...

Damn skippy, it's a bunkin'party! And, I'm there!
My gas light is on too; I was imagining myself stopping at the Texaco tonight around 9 p.m. after ABOY to pump gas in my chiffon dress in the rain and wind....lovely.

the gloria family said...

i was just about to tell her that it is pronounced bunkin'. i'm in too. we have to eat junk food and play games.

melissa said...

Only if we can watch Dirty Dancing, The Last Unicorn, play that Princess computer game thing with the dancing goat thing, make crutons and butter noodles, record ourselves singing Madonna, and then choreograph a dance to Tiffany in flower pots. Is that asking too much?

Anonymous said...

First - that girl is great! I can't belive anyone can make that many free throws. Then again I suck at baskeball and hate the sport.

Second - I didn't know all of that crap about Kirby either until I was watching ESPN the day he died. I don't believe it either Kat!

Third - What the crap is a bunkin' party. I have never heard that term before in my life!

Leah Billings said...

I'm so sad the Kirby died. I loved him too! I got to shake his hand when I was little at a Twins game that my dad took me to. I haven't been to a slumber party in like 10 years. I think I'm due for one soon.

Jennifer said...

I about lost my shit when I heard about Kirby. He was my favorite too. He was hero to our generation with his short stumpy legs...oh Kirby. Remember when he hit the homer and the Minnesota Twins won the World series?? Baseball will never be the same!!!!