Baa Baa Black Sheep!

  • We would like to take a moment to send some love to Edward Pierce (er...Blake) who has joined us in the blogosphere. That is fun. We miss you!
  • Went to Sticky Fingerz Rock N Roll Chicken Shack for HH last night with some friends and it was very happy. Heard Stickyz may be buying the old Coconut Bay/Banana Joes (and many other failed restaurants/clubs) location on that corner in the Rivermarket to use as a live music venue. Maybe they can break the curse of that place. And redecorate.
  • Have no fear, we made it home in time for Survivor! (I know you were worried!)
  • This weekend Leslie and John are coming (well they are here I guess!) so we need to hang out.
  • And Sunday, I run the dreaded marathon relay! Um, pretty sure I was a lot more prepared last time around! Our team (named ‘the Cramps’) is in danger!! And it is supposed to rain… which wouldn’t be bad IF IT WERE SUMMER! I like running in the rain, but cold rain sucks! (I apologize for the overuse of the exclamation points.) (!!)

Have a great weekend ya’ll!


Elizabeth Spann said...

Yea for Blakely. I can't believe you're running in the marathon. That is crazy talk, but I'm proud of you. Call me this weekend, and we will most certainly hang out. :)

the gloria family said...

i might come see you if it doesn't rain. i will definitely see you this weekend.

Leah Billings said...

Good luck with the run! Hanging out sounds fun. I always have this nagging feeling that I never see you guys anymore (even though I do occasionally...its just not frequent enough).

brooke knight said...


you have been in arkansassy too long, kitten!

melissa said...

Good Luck!

Susan said...

Come to Oaklawn tomorrow. Me and my Mulhearn clan will be there winning the big bucks...ok, maybe just eating Cornbeef sandwiches. But, COME bring everyone!

Lauryl Lane said...

have a great race, kat!

mr. mups said...

good luck !

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