lucky green t-shirt!

love to my lucky green spanish lake #11 shamrocks soccer tee! It is the my "race day" shirt and my favorite to race in! this is at the start of my relay leg - right after sean passed the baton, er, ankle braclet to me! most races you get little key fob looking thingey and a zip tie to attach to your shoelaces that keeps track of your time for you from start to finish. for the relay, you get the same basic thing, but in the form of this lovely black anklet you velcro around your leg (seen on my right)! very nice and convenient!


brooke knight said...

i think you get blogger superpoints for using "key fob" in a post! congrats again, i will go to the gym, but i do NOT have the balls to run a flippin' marathon!

Susan said...

Way to go! Next year, let's do the whole thing, just so we can say we did. P.S. I'm not above walking some!

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