red river...er.. some river.. somewhere in arkansas...

eric and brent and fishies! the boys (eric, brent, patrick, karl) went trout fishing on the little red river. brrrrr! I asked Karl what he wanted me to blog about it (because he went to the trouble of taking some pics) and he said, (and i quote), "We had fun. It was cold." Yep. Veeeeeeery descriptive. So, apparently, good trip, eh?


Leslie Robus said...

You guys need to try fly fishing. Much more of a challenge. Also you got to CATCH and RELEASE. That way when you come back the fishies are still there but now much bigger!!!

Anonymous said...

fly fishing is for sissies who want to enjoy nature and stuff. we just wanted to catch fish and kill them....=)

Carol said...

Alright Kat, who are these boys? And why haven't I met them? ;) Oh, oh yall so need to come to Fort Worth one weekend and go out to the ranch cook out, fish, drink, drink, oh, yeah did I say um yeah drink. Hope all is well. :)Carol

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