back safely from my quad-state weekend!!

We are alive! And I am DEHYDRATED and TIRED. still. The bachelorette party was a BLAST!

i was in my four (yes four) favorite states last weekend (yes three days!) . i have lived in 75% of these states. see how good i am at math!

1. arkansas
2. oklahoma
3. kansas
4. missouri

woo hoo! audra and i were so sleepy on the drive back it was unreal. she lost her voice and we were singing really loudly and badly to keep each other awake (more important for her to be awake as she was the driver but you know it's rude to fall asleep in the front seat on a road trip so we blasted some beach boys and country and oldies and black eyed peas and other randomness!!)

jackie managed to take 150 pictures. and brooke about 100. seriously. what is it about women and wine that make them want to take so many goofy pictures. they are seriously hilarious and i can't wait to share them with you!! (hint hint jackie and brooke! send me pictures!)

the only dark spot in the night was when some jerk spilled his drink down the back of my pants and legs and called me a b-i-t-c-h and told ME to buy him a new drink!!! I didn't even touch him or bump him!!! he was too enebriated to stand much less be in a bar on the dance floor holding a drink without a lid! what is WRONG with people!?! i wish his mother could have been there to see him in his finest moment!! it is funny now but i was ANGRY then!!

caitlin had a blast and looked SMOKING HOT and she had a really good time so that is all that really matters!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah for your math skills! I am ery proud of you. Want to come and teach that to some of my freshmen--they could use the help! You could be the special guest speaker! Glad you girls had fun. Drunk boys are stupid.

brooke knight said...

well she DID call him a "f*cking asshole" actually. and he didn't have shit to say about it...lol

katandkarl said...

hahahaa.. marc that comment made me laugh. a lot.

and i did stand up in my own drunken way and i wish my momma could have been there to see ME in my finest moment.. she would have been PROUD!! for real!!

hahaa... i am still laughing.