what day is it? how is it september?

i have to say that it was a freaking great weekend and that we have the bestest friends ever in the whole wide world. you all know that already though!!

Friday... well i can't really remember friday so it must have been uneventful. OH wait no it was fun! emily and i split a pitcher (of which i think i had more than half which may or may not be why i could not remember what we did!) of margauritas at El Porton. (mike and audra, eric and em, me and karl) then we went back to the house and proceeded to lose at trivial pursuit pop culture edition BOYS VS. GIRLS. lose. yes, the ladies lost. the saddest part about it was we were winning HUGE and then were defeated. sad. luckily, i did not bet my life on any of the answers i gave like i did last time. and then get them wrong.


we went to a 30th anniversary party for elizabeth's parents, Ken and Becky Ross. It was fabulous. Elizabeth and her sister Melissa throw a good party. The food was excellent, the punch was deceptively potent (ok, fine, lethal - but i only had one glass i swear!!) , and the conversation was STIMULATING. =) what more could you ask for!?!

For an adorable pic and more details, check out Elizabeth's blog!


hmmm.. we wasted the day away really. went to the pool with mike and audra. the fun began when john and leslie came over. THIS TIME (at girls vs. boys cranium) the girls were victorious SO THERE. mostly the girls sat outside and chitted and chatted and the boys played video games. around 12 or 1 they decided they needed to play badminton in the dark but all the shuttle cocks were broken. this required a 1 a.m. wal-mart trip which returned a special $5 game bag complete with shuttle cocks and plastic crappy horseshoes. which we of course (logically) turned into a tourney. See John and Leslie's Blog for more pics of this event!! haha!

oh and i know i am boring you and overly chatty and wordy BUT monday we watched TEAM AMERICA finally and it was, as predicted, HILARIOUS. (and sick and vulger and wrong!)


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i have to say i am pretty upset you guys didn't call me back sunday. i wanted to see john and leslie and have horseshoe fun too. i thought for sure karl, at least, would answer his phone. now i know i just have to show up your house in order to get in touch with you guys.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you chose fantasy football over me Kristen!! It's okay I have like 5 fantasy football teams. Leslie seems to think that is all I do. Anywyas we will catch you guys next time. It is all Karl's fault blame him.

Anonymous said...

um...i didn't choose fantasy football. i was forced to go and i spent 4 hours learning about by weeks, playoff rules, injury reports, and drafts. i would much rather have seen you guys. tell leslie i feel her pain. by the way i always blame karl.

Anonymous said...

I HATE ALL FANTASY SPORTS!!! John has multiple teams for every fantasy sport there is. It is crazy.

Anonymous said...

what about fantasy survivor? you can't hate that...it is just too much fun.