wretched yankee wife! (email wars)

had lunch with matt price FINALLY!! this is the email convo/war leading up to lunch. highly amusing.

Matt: Hello i am here. where are you!
Where have you been all my life and why don’t you love us anymore?
Matt: what!! I sent you guys an email last week and never got a response, and I do love you just a little bit though, plus you are a married woman now so we have to stop our devilish ways
Kat: I KNOW!! Hahah… well we need to hang out. I guess you and karl are this weekend while I am at bachelorette party number 467.
Matt: whatever hoochie mama. lets go have lunch tomorrow
Kat (to Matt and Karl): Lunch w/ MP?
Karl: Sure I could do that.
Matt (to Kat and Karl): why did you cc Karl on this?? I thought this was a date???
Karl:I hate you all =(.... (that's me crying and running away with my arms waving)
but Karl its ok, dont run away I really love you more than that wretched yankee wife of yours
Karl: ok, good. I am relieved now.
Matt: so, do you guys want to go the downtown deli? or maybe Sonny Williams for a nice afternoon T-Bone?
Karl: i guess the downtown deli, Sonny Williams is not good enough for me. I don't like cheap trashy places to eat.
i know what you mean, their creme brule has gotten very sloppy and the tenderiness of the steaks is just subpar

SEE? FU-NNNN-EY. now laugh.

disclaimer: i am very excited about bach party #467. It is in KC this weekend for ms. Caitlin Croy who is getting married Oct. 1 in KC. Audra and I are leaving straight from work tomorrow and heading to Tulsa where we will attend the KNIGHT TRIFECTA PARTY in honor of Pam Knight, Brooke Knight, and Sketch Knight (all celebrating b-days!) Saturday morning Brooke, Audra, Jackie, Jenny and I will head to the K to the C and pretend, once again, we are rock stars. Pics to come!


Anonymous said...

No 1) I thought you werent blogging at work anymore
No 2) i spelled tenderness wrong

Elizabeth Spann said...

Matt- I can't believe you called Kat a wretched yankee! Does St. Louis really count as "the north"?
AND... Why don't I get invited on lunch dates??
Oh yeah, because I eat with 7th graders every day and bring a sack lunch with a sandwich, chips, and fruit. My life is totally thrilling.

Carol said...

Tenderiness...that's funny. Sounds like something that I would say. :P

Leah Billings said...

No worries Kat...I'm a yankee too. With our combined powers we can totally take Matt down! :)

Anonymous said...

Based on my experiences St. Louis is definitely the north and is full of nasty yankee wench's. Speaking of why don't you guys meet me up here for lunch tomorrow. It is only like a 5 minute kite board trip via the arkansas and mississippi rivers.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with John...St. Louis IS the north. I want the good ole south back. These Yankees are killing me. (Sorry Kat)

Anonymous said...

Leslie, John, I love both of you dearly, St. Louis IS the North