the whole group!

represented: to the far left are scott (kneeling) and holly holding their son hunter from Washington state. Next to that family are the Akols from California! (Standing are Garrett and Dan, sitting Christy, and kneeling her son Carter) Next are the Vollendorfs from Fayetteville - Sean, Kim, Stone (new baby!), Fisher, and Simmy. Smack in the middle are Rea and Mary Kay (they live here in LR of course). Karl and I are in green! and last but not least the Morgans who currently live in McAlister, Oklahoma and are getting ready to move to Salt Lake City, Utah. Pictured is Karl's sister Kristen and her husband Henry and their kiddos - Tyler (on MK's lap) and Kelly (the only GIRL! in pink!)

it is a large crew - all three of Rea's children and MK's two and their spouses and babies. Note we are the only ones without babies! Don't ask me how many times I got asked when that might change!


Elizabeth Spann said...

Wow! That's quite a crew. Nothing says "family lovin'" like shootin' deer in the woods, baby!! It really brings a group together. Glad you had fun!