P.F. Chang Chang Changity Chan Cha-Chang's....

sorry for the slowness updating - karl has been working from home and cutting in to my blogging time - jerk! ;)

the weekend with jenny was fabulous per usual! how lucky are karl and i to have such a good friend? =) and how lucky are we to benefit from the perks of her job.. haha! this picture i will have you know if the massive amount of food we ordered for THREE people!!! (minus appetizers and desert!)

friday we layed around and ate US pizza until Mike and Audra came over to share their engagement joy - and mike fell asleep in our patio chair while us girls babbled on about weddings! haha. congrats to them!

saturday we watched girlie movies until the PF Chang meeting... later we met kristen and elizabeth at the Rose after they coached some c-lutheran v-ball.

sunday was sunday - karl helped the neighbors clean out a deer they killed - how disgusting is that? i still won't let his gross my-hands-were-INSIDE-a-deer hands touch me. ew. Posted by Picasa


brooke knight said...

yay good posting!

Susan said...

Yum. I've never been to PF's, but I want to try. However, if I show that picture to Seth, I'll never be able to drag him in there. Let's just say, he's a good ol' Southern boy who likes to stick to what he knows when it comes to food.

the gloria family said...

yeah for kat's tiny camera. you got some really good pictures.

melissa said...

I want a tiny camera...

Elizabeth Spann said...

The title of your post makes me laugh.

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