Christmas CHEER...

um i think this should work. this is my contribution to Christmas Cheer this year: It's funny.


The weekend is shaping up to be pretty busy. Karl's sister Kristen and her husband are in town with their kiddos, I have to work at the Little Gym both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday night is Karl's Christmas Work Party! Sunday night is our neighborhood block party Christmas party. Monday is my new bosses' birthday so we are having a "cosmo" party at the office apparantly and then Monday night I have a Christmas Party at the Little Gym (no kiddos allowed!)

PLUS somewhere in there we are having a Christmas lunch or dinner with MiMi, Karl's grandmother, and we have some serious shopping left to do. I just realized today that my tags on my car expired last month so I have to do that AND get a new license with my new name.

I got paid today... isn't that exciting?


melissa said...

Have a good weekend...sounds like fun!

Leah Billings said...

Man, I got stressed just reading your post. Good luck getting it all done and hope everything turns out to be lots of fun.

brooke knight said...




Lauryl Lane said...

busy girl! we got yr reply card-- we'll MISS you!!! xoxo