haley nicole horan

haley nicole is my cousin beth's little girl... she looks like a little horan, don't you think? i will have to post the professional pic bethie gave me... so cute. Posted by Picasa


melissa said...

Holy Crap she looks just like Beth! Where did all these kids come from !!?!?! I bet you had fun X-mas shopping...

Anonymous said...

oh my god...you aren't kidding when you say little horan...i personally think she looks like jenny...hope you had a good one katie! missed seeing you annually at the good counsel mass :( hope christmas wasn't too busy for you!

Anonymous said...

where did time go ??

katandkarl said...

hey hey the gangs (olgc gang!) all here!!

btw we went to st. jerome's (i mean, um, Holy Name, for Midnight Mass. Did I know anyone?!? NO!)

melissa my dad (randomly) saw a pic of your dad in the background of a picture in the newspaper about St...somewhere... wherever your parents went to church i guess???

melissa said...

We're not discussing that...apparently my father is trying to get himself excommunicated. I asked him to at least use an alias.

Anonymous said...

melissa your parents went to st. stanislaus! cool..

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