lots to blog about.... keep reading!

i like my bullets so get ready to be bulleted!

  • my interview this morning went well. it would be a GREAT job if they hire me! i felt pretty good when leaving there, but you never know!
  • i have another interview tomorrow at 2 p.m. (when it rains....you know how it goes! when i got hired at Arkansas Business I got another offer from another company the same day... why does it always happen like that?)
  • the weekend was good - Jermaine Taylor (JT) beat Bernard Hopkins (B-HOP) in an okay fight... not enough blood was shed! nevertheless, JT is the champ and I am sure there will be another parade in Little Rock (this one cold!) that we will all attend!
  • Matt and Meredith Dill stayed with us Saturday night of their way through town. They were in Memphis - Meredith ran her first full marathon in under four hours! AWESOME! (and she hung out with us all night! good lord! how did she DO THAT?)
  • today is audra's birthday. see below photo montage.
  • the stl rams lost yesterday. by a lot. boo.
  • grey's anatomy and desperate housewives were both good.

The end. Bang.


Elizabeth Spann said...

Yeah! I'm glad your interview went well (did they ask the hot dog question??)! I knew it would. I hope you get it!!

melissa said...

congrats on your interview! how did the other one go?? By the way, what jobs are they for?