Thursday?!? Can’t believe this week is almost over. Or that we are half way through the month. Wasn’t NYE yesterday?


  • What is a binki? Do you call it a binki or a pacifier? Discuss. (You know that little thing you put in a baby mouth to keep them quiet?) (I say BINKI btw… karl had never heard of it… is it because his lack of baby experience or is it a regional term?) (this discussion came about at Christmas when there were 4 million babies running around us BY THE WAY not because we sit around talking about babies thank you very much.)

  • Multipication table tricks. (don’t ask how we got on that subject!) When did you learn them? Did you learn your 9’s w/ the trick of subtracting one number from nine to get the first number and adding up to nine for the second (example: 8 x 9. You subtract one number from 8 to get 7. Then you add a 2 to it because 7 plus 2 equals 9. They always equal nine. 8 times 9 is 72.) Get it? Did you learn it this way? PLUS karl thought I was loony when I said “8 times 8 fell on the floor when it got up it was 64.” Did you have any silly games like these? Just curious.

Please note I am NOT blogging at work again. I had this finished last night; I just wasn’t able to post until today. Audra and I went to the Wal-Mart of Bridal Stores (good ole David’s BRIDAL!) last night. It was HILARIOUS. We were treated like crap initially because we were “WALK-INs” (and they prolly thought we were 12!) and they told us all about Jackie O. We couldn’t stop giggling. They probably should have kicked us out. However, we did find some VERY PROMISING dress options for her (for real). (Especially the BRIGHT WHITE one with bright PINK and BLUE beaded flowers ALL over it (and TULLE out the booty) the saleslady thought she would “just love”… my mouth twitched… the same saleslady who told us she still forces people to watch her wedding video and cries every time she sees her and her daddy dancing to ‘butterfly kisses’. No. I am not kidding.) Sorry that was a long story and dangit, yes, I did that part at work.

Breaking News: Kristen GLORIA now has a blog. Welcome her to the blogosphere at www.kristenandjr.blogspot.com/. Yippy!!


the gloria family said...

oh my that does not sound like a good bridal experience. mine was very good, although i did make an appointment. yea, for survivor! I say pacifier although i have heard of binki. We didn't have rhymes for multiplication. We just had to memorize. No wonder I still can't do it.

Elizabeth Spann said...

My thoughts:
1. I called it a "passy," (from the root word pacifier) and I would have 50 on hand at all times. Sometimes I would have 2 or 3 in my mouth at the same time. I even had one on a string at the end of my car seat so I could reel it in and pop it in my mouth. It was a difficult seperation for me when I was cut off of the passy.
2. I HAVE heard of a binki, but only when I babysat for a couple from the great north. Like Missouri or something.
3. I hated muliplication tables. I have blocked them out of my mind. Maybe if I had cool rhymes I would have freaking learned them.
4. We want Audra to look like a giant cupcake. Or a snow beast. Tell them that at Ashley's in Sherwood. Now THAT's a good time!

katandkarl said...

haha! yea ashley's in sherwood = ghetto! that is where the bridal consultant touched my undies (to adjust them???what???) ew.. don't touch me!

that was the last bridal store i ever went into as a bride! haha. then i just ordered my dress online.

melissa said...

I've heard of binki, but I think we called them "passas" (from pacifier) or nuk nuks (I think it was a brand name. I couldn't believe that I could not recall what we called them, until I realized that Kathryn is almost 15!! I think we learned the 8's song at OLGC and since we probably learned our multiplication tables together, I'm with you on this one.

Leah Billings said...

-I remember hearing it most often referred to as a nuk, though I never had one, or a blanket, or a stuffed animal. Weird. I have heard the term binki also used.
-I just memorized them. I have a photographic memory of sorts when it comes to school, so it was easier for me to just look at them then to learn jingles or rhymes.

Susan said...

1. Passy or Pacifier, no binki.
2. "6 times 8 is 48!" That was the only rhyme-like think I had with my multiplications. I think I'm more confused with subtract one and go to the next number and add 2 or 3 and one-niner mix-alot.....I just memorized them. Although, I admit I still have trouble.

brooke knight said...

okay whoa...i thought a binki was like a blankie. maybe thats what it was in my fam. anyway we said pacifier i think. or like "plug" cause that is funny.

i hate math. fuck multiplication tables. who needs 'em.

davids is ghetto. good prices can make it worth it tho!

Unknown said...

i don't remember having a pacifier, but i've definitely heard them called a binki. my neice currently calls hers her yah-yah (as in the greek grandmother). i seriously had a blankie and mutt (blankie i had till 5th grade, and mutt i just quit sleeping with a couple of months ago...i am 24 after all).
as for multiplication, i didn't learn those damn tables until 7th grade when i had a teacher recognize that i hadn't learned them due to my many moves and sucky teachers. upon learning, i went from a c student to an a student in math...we used a couple of rhymes and such, but i still do my nines on my hand (to do nine time's seven, just put down your 7th finger and on one side you have 6 fingers and on the other you have 3...9x7=63! now that's a trick!

Anonymous said...

binki all the way. isn't binki just a cuter word for babies than the adult sounding "pacifier"??? and like you said melissa, we all learned the same tables at good ole OLGC. i'm with you on the floor at 64. PS: i really need to start one of these things before i look like i'm stalking your pages!!

Chandle said...

I say binki too