No corned beef for YOU!

It is Friday, St. Patrick's Day (the best holiday EVER!) during Lent = NO MEAT = NO CORNED BEEF = lots of sad irish catholics! But you can still eat potatoes, which, as we ALL know, is the most important part anyway!

Look at me! I really AM Irish!

Daddy: Horan (ooohh... orange is for protestants!)

Origin: Irish Spelling variations include: Haren, Horan, Harhan, Haran, O'Horan, O'Hourahan, O'Horahan, O'Haren, O'Harhan, O'Haran, O'Hanran and many more.
First found in county Galway where they held a family seat from ancient times.

Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: Edward Horan who settled in Pennsylvania in 1773; Michael, Eliza and Michael Horan junior landed in Quebec in 1848; John, Michael and Simon Horan settled in New York state between 1803 and 1811.

Momma H: Cronin (neither of my parents are orangey protestants! not that there is anything wrong with being an orangey protestant...)

Origin: IrishSpelling variations include: Cronin, Cronyn, Cronine, Croynin, Cronan, Cronnin, Cronnan, Cronnyn, Cronen, O'Cronin, Croynan and many more.

First found in county Cork where they were seated from very ancient times, some say well before the Norman Conquest and the arrival of Duke William at Hastings in 1066 A.D.

Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: Johannes Cronin who settled in Philadelphia in 1738; followed by James Cronin in 1787; Charles, Cornelius, Daniel, Edward, Eugene, James, John, Michael, Patrick, Thomas, William Cronin, all settled in Philadelphia Pa. between 1817 and 1868.

*Disclaimer: I pulled this off some random website so who knows if it’s accurate but we do have some family coats of arms at home if you don’t believe me!!

Anyway, we are getting ready to head out of town to T-land… T-town... Oklahoma is OK… keep our land grand…. whatever… though I am mad at the entire state of Oklahoma b/c their basketball programs suck and I sure did have OK thru the elite 8. BOO BOOMER SOONERS…. Interesting tidbit… do you know why Oklahoma is the “sooners” b/c the original settlers got there “sooner” than the rest. Um, what?

I have more fun things to blog... they are brimming OVER... but you will have to wait till next week b/c my lunch break is OVER!

OH OH! and (furthur proof on my irish roots!) MY sister just called me from a bar where she has been since 7:15 this morning. er.... way to go horan!


Elizabeth Spann said...

Alright! Beer for breakfast! :) Way to go, little sis! Ha, ha. Have fun in Tulsa, Kat and Karl! I will take care of the babies.

Unknown said...

i read somewhere that the catholic dioscese of little rock made a statement that it's okay for catholics to eat meat today (just this once) because of the holiday...

Leah Billings said...

I <3 corned beef. I've been eating it once a year since I was a little kid. Safe travels!

brooke knight said...

okay the sooner thing is really not as simple as that. but it's retarded nonetheless so i won't bother with it. yay for jen, what a good college kid!

brooke knight said...

oh and i thought they got rid of that whole no meat on fridays thing? or at least made it not like a cardinal sin or some crap.....

Susan said...

I made a corned-beef last night since we had Mexican on St. Patty's...can't beat Senor Tequila's HH. Yummmy. Anyhow, I see some interesting baby names surfacing from your ancestors...Eugene...Johannes...possibly..huh? huh?

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