the rd & wedding!

the wedding was FABULOUS. the reception was F-U-N! i did NOT do a good job as photographer (sorry!!). my camera also died at the ceremony so i didn't really get any good shots. (we will have to wait till emily updates when she gets back... she looked stunning. seriously. seriously.) the top shot is of their "sand ceremony" which is essentailly the same thing as a unity candle.. kind of... they both took sand and put it in a jug and mixed it up. her dress was amazing. i wish i had gotten better pictures. patience is a virtue (and one i don't have).

the reception turned karaoke towards the end of the night and we all danced and jumped around and then jumped in the pool. entertainment.


the gloria family said...

looks awesome. sorry i missed it.

Elizabeth Spann said...

awww... i love that pic of the boys. So cute.

Susan said...

Sand ceremony. Cool. Never heard of that before. I was going to ask about that first pic, but kept reading.

brooke knight said...

i like how you two match in your yummy brown shirts! :D:D:D

Anonymous said...

i want to go to the beach!!!! looks like the wedding was great! wish we could have been there.

Jax said...

I wanna go to the beach!!!!!! I agree with Susan.. I was gonna ask what the hell they were doing, but then decided to keep reading. buuut.. I was expecting something like "Emily and Eric dropped the ring and had to bend down to get it." Alas, it was a sand ceremony. Whatevs.

Marie said...

It was great to meet the both of you too...I had a great time. You two are a hoot and a half! By the way.....thanks for spotting me wandering around aimlessly and helping me get into the hotel after the reception.... Preciatecha!

Marie said...

It was great to meet the both of you too...I had a great time! By the way.....thanks for helping me get into the hotel after the reception!

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