fourth of july: a photo montage

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mike & melissa ortega at the town pump HH on friday... we got to hear lots of cute baby stories. i really need to meet little tripp! a wonderful evening to kick off a busy fourth weekend!


Unknown said...

kat--do you know melissa's maiden name??? i think she used to be my next door neighbor/sister's friend/my rockette captain in highschool...is she a social worker, too?

katandkarl said...

b - camferdam... probably slaughtering the spelling... sorry melissa! and yes, i believe she has her masters in social work... pretty sure.

baby: so you were really a rockette?
penny: yea well my mother kicked me out when i was 16 and i have been dancing ever since.
(dirty dancing QUOTE!)

Unknown said...

crazy...same melissa.

if only i were penny. or baby. or anyone dancing with patrick swazey. we were rockettes of a very different (way toned-down) breed--karl can tell you.

Susan said...

What happened to the Mulhearns' picture, huh?! I see how it is. No really, I'm imagining it was awful and you're actually doing us a favor by not posting it. Thanks.

Unknown said...

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