weekend cuteness - our mellow man arlo.


Carol said...

what a cute pic!!!!

Susan said...

That is precious. Looks like a professional picture.

Sarah said...

love the baby.

brooke knight said...


Jax said...

I HEART YOUR DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This looks like a hallmark card!!!!!! I want a dog!!

Stacia said...

I agree~Hallmark card~how cute

Leah Billings said...

It makes me want to come over and squeeze him!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Ummmm he's awful cute.

Angela said...

what an adorable guy!

Sarah said...

yes! we were jumping off the back of our couch... apparently it was one of our favorite things to do. i am surprised we were allowed to do it too... my dad even jumped with us once and then hit his head on the fireplace. apparantly, it made my mom mad! ha. funny stuff. brian and i were only 13 months appart, so we grew up rough housing.

work is killing me today. geez.

Jax said...

I read Sarah's comment and I was so confused.. then I figured you had another conversation going.. haha.. I have my blonde moments..

Sarah said...

ha. ha. just read jackie's comment and had a good giggle.

cannot wait to see you guys!


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