There is no crying in baseball.

Ok apparently sports are an inappropriate blogging topic since none of you like the poll. Go Cardinals!!!

This morning has NOT been a fabulous morning.

My lovely and wonderful boss chewed me out this morning for not printing THIS logo in color on some event information (nametags and signage and such) for the NWA event. Do you even SEE COLOR in this logo? I almost cried because I have been working my ass (booty) of on this event for the past month (it was originally supposed to have about 50-75 people attending and now there are 170 and some of that is MY DOING dangit!). And then I thought: You know what if someone at the NWA meeting notices that this logo does not have a hint of light green in it then they have serious problems. So there.

Additionally, if I know you and you are a TU Alum and you are reading this blog and you haven’t filled out your homecoming information for the homecoming blog I will be forced to murder you while you sleep. Ok not really but it honestly takes like, um, maybe ten seconds to answer the questions. You really don’t even have to send a picture. Really it takes me and brooke much longer to write threatening paragraphs like this one and send out emails and bullitens and THEN spend our PRECIOUS time actually posting it to the blog. So, really, no big deal. Telling all your friends that you talk to all the time is very difficult.

WOW! Sorry about that whole thing just now. HAHAHA.

Also, this is my 400th post! And my doggies are now ONE year old. Happy Birthday Arlo and Roxy. I dubbed their birthday 8/22 since 22 is my favorite #. We aren’t really sure exactly but close enough. They got new BONES. I think they knew.


Anonymous said...

HOw can you say that none of them liked the poll? MOre voted for one th real options then voted for the blank space option.

I think people really enjoyed the sports poll and I think you should have another one

Anonymous said...

maybe you poll peoples opinion on polls

brooke knight said...

MAYBE matt should get his OWN blog!
HAPPY BD aRRRRR and roxenator.

i second the enthusiasm for:
TUALUM2005 DOT BLOGSPOT DOT COM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jax said...

HOORAY for 400 and doggies! Sad for the yelling. I got my share this week, too, but there was some more cursing in mine. I dont know about you, but I enjoy being made to feel retarded despite having a college degree. Its. Cool. haha. :) I like the logo, too!!! ANNNNND ANNNNND... Aaron and my friends want to do the bloggy thing, but they arent really "alum" as they're in law school. Bad?

Elizabeth Spann said...

Happy 400th post! Congrats. PS, yourbosssucks.com

Leah Billings said...

I don't even see any green. Both you know and I know (and somewhere deep inside even your boss knows) how stupid it is to get soooo upset about minute details. Keep that chin up. We all know you're great!

the gloria family said...

that is definitely gray and not green. so, tell him to shut up. matt get your own blog, especially if you want more stupid sports polls. the razorbacks and the cards suck and everyone knows it.

just kidding i love everyone and their favorite teams.

Kristy said...

I fully support discussions about the Cardinals! I just wish that they could be happier-- maybe this weekend against the Cubs! I just can't say that I know anything about Arkansas football, so I refrained from commenting rather than rudely make fun of said poll.

Happy birthday to the puppies. AND bosses are stupid: Teachers are no longer allowed to have coffee or soda because a student spilled and did not clean up (they are not allowed anyway, so why are we punished). I feel this rule will disappear shortly since several teachers will go into comas due to lack of coffee. Until then, quiet, boring teachers here! Sometimes schools are so dunb!!

Susan said...
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Susan said...

"Bow Wow, Whoof, whoof, uno grande!"
That was Ruger and Ches wishing Arlo and Rox a Big Happy 1st Birthday! So they're really like 7 in people years. Tear, they grow so fast!

Stacia said...

Happy 400th! And tell your boss, well better not~keep up the good work!