i loooooooove tshirts.

i am on the hunt for cool ones so leave me comments with COOL TSHIRT sites if you know of any. please and thank you.
let's see:
  • today is wed.nes.day.
  • my lunch is gross and i don't want to eat it.
  • i promise my updates will get more interesting soon and apologize if you are bored (ok not really apologizing)
  • karl is going to Fayetteville this weekend to CALL THE HOGS in person. Homecoming weekend in Fayetteville.
  • i intend to go camping with the girls instead. gIrL camping.
  • (www.marriedtothesea.com has made me VERY happy and laughy (out loud) in the past week. i am printing them out and making wallpaper with them for my fridge. thank you drew and natalie for keeping me sane and smiley.

le sigh. back to work. karl helped me give the USGBC website a fresh new look! www.usgbcar.org. that also makes me happy and now i am going to add new events to the site.


Anonymous said...

i think urban outfitters often sells coooool t-shirts.

Leah Billings said...

I had to have a gross lunch today too cause I have no groceries. Wahh!

Anonymous said...

go to palmercash.com---funniest t-shirts ever.

care said...

delia's has some good ones too.

Susan said...

Remember that funny one I saw at JC Penney's. "Nobody cares about your blog" and there was another one I thought was clever that I can't think of now. Check the junior's section. I want a shirt with a skull on it. Those are in, and I need to get in touch with my pirate-side.

Anonymous said...

do bustedtees.com -- hilarious

Unknown said...

today for lunch i'm having plain black beans with plain flour tortillas, some carrot and celery, and some yogurt=random crapola.

and i've had some pretty good luck with t-shirts in the little boys section at savers. you'd be surprised. david once found a shirt that said "i'm so happy i could shit", and it had a frog on it. genius.

Ashley said...

i dont like gross lunches either :( ruins my day