Blogger Baby I’ve been an awful good girl

I would like to point out that the month of November 2006 is almost over. NOVEMBER. Time = warp speed. People are making plans for NEW YEARS EVE 2007. It is almost 2007. Double 007!! (That is the theme of 90% of the conferences planned for work for 2007). I am not sure what is in the works for our NYE – maybe TTOWN!

Important Announcement #675: I have decided to send out Christmas Cards this year (maybe the older you get the more you like the holidays?!!?)! I have a “PLAN” for said cards (big surprise, can’t tell, super cute, we shall see if it happens, Don’t hold your breath! b/c you might just get a dollar store card and you can’t be mad if you do!) If you would like a card from me please send your addy to h.kathleen@gmail.com. I will send them to ANYONE and EVERYONE if you send me your mailing digits (and city and state). Please and thank you. If not I will hunt you down until I find out where you live.

I hope everyone else is having better luck dieting post-turkey day than me. I have no self restraint. And my husband keeps FORCING me to eat Montery Jack Cheese Fries (add bacon, hold the jalapenos, ranch please) from Canon Grill (next time YOU are in town my out of town friends we are going HERE!). Lay off me I’m STARVING.


brooke knight said...

your idea better work out cause i tried to find xmas cards at the dollar store last night and they were terrrrrrrrrrrrible. i did get an over-the-door-wreath hanger and other exciting items that are of mediocre quality!

Susan said...

"CannIhavsome? Oh my Gawd these are good!"---just continuing your reference to the wonderful Farley.

Susan said...

P.S. So what are ya'll doing for NYE? No plans here as of yet. Not that everyone is dying to hang out with a pregnant, non-drinker! Waaait, I am the DD for the year...quite handy to have around...yes?! Pay-back will come though, have no fear!

Anonymous said...

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