having some issues

having some issues with blogger beta interacting with hello and picassa and not enjoying the outcome of my pictures on my blog. boo. hmmm. beta. scary word. might have to use slideshows just to avoid the temporary annoyance.

halloween was good! this is my pumpkin pete that karl and i carved. (read: i carved b/c my husband thought it was disgusting. pete was a slimey little fellow - guess that is what you get when you wait till last minute and buy your pumpkin from the slim pickins at kroger) we made some yummy pumpkin seeds - extra salty and extra crispy. i had 26 trick or treaters (i counted them b/c jennifer lenore barrow and i were having a competition to see who could get the most... results: A TIE! many phone calls were exchanged of the "I-just-got-four!" variety) The cutest one was kristen and jr's little andrew BY FAR. I emailed her a couple pics so I am sure they will be posted soon for your viewing pleasure on their blog.

nothing too exciting to report. busy week at work for both of us. heading to memphis on Saturday to spend some much needed time with some cousins! Karl will most likely be at the deer camp - yikes - prepping it for OPENING WEEKEND (gun). Get excited. Get there.


mr. mups said...

yeah kroger ! does anyone else in the STL remember this long forgotten supermarket treasure...?

brooke knight said...

i like them eyebrowzzzz!

brooke knight said...

does the nose connect to one eye? you may not know it but that is an awesome reference to the jack o' lantern in halloween 1!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Pete is awesome. He can be friends with Jason (my pumpkin). And then Jason will probably hack him up. :)
Hooray for trick-or-treaters! They are fun stuff.

Sarah said...

i like pete, though he does look quite evil.

happy friday, lover.

did you watch 6 degrees? grey's was good too.