Turkey lurkey doo and turkey lurkey dap

i have a fun thanksgiving video for you all re: cranberries. (found on vimeo.com)


Hopefully, if you are at work, this might make your day speed by a little quicker! Also, a quiet possibly funnier, especially if you use Microsoft Outlook all day long, another fun video HERE re: high priority emails. I hate that little red exclamation point!

Pics from Turkey Day and Tailgating Soon! Some one send the cleaning fairies over to our house real quick like.


kristen said...

thank you. those did make me giggle.

Sarah said...

get me out of this fing office.

and if i am expected to keep a clean house for the rest of my life then i better not have to work and i mean it

ashleyvedros said...

happy thanksgiving if i can leave work now i will come and clean your house. xoxo

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