Update: Karl killed a deer!! Ick.

"A nice 9 point, 19 inch spread, weighed approximately 170" according to him. Delicious. and Gross. all at the same time. Maybe that means he won't have to go trapaising thru the deer woods many more time this season and will reach his bag limit early. yuck.

And for the results of the SURVEY:

1. Kat 67.9%
Karl 32.1%

Kat 34.5%
Arlo 27.6%
Roxy 27.6%
Karl 10.3%
(A tie b/w the doggies! Poor Karl - I voted for him! Hhaha. I guess we know who is answering these questions, eh?)

3. These are the OTHER answers (17.9%)
  • none of the above because I have only met one of them
  • Ellie Vedros
  • pics should be displayed ;)
  • The mouse in An American Tail
  • kosmos and eramus (my goldfish)

After those it goes as follows:

1. A TIE b/w Roxy and Izzy - both with a strong 14.3%
2. Arlo Hills - 10.7%
3. A three way tie:
Titan Desjardin - 7.1%
Scarlett Gray - 7.1%
JJ Robus - 7.1%
4. The rest:
Lily Bug - 3.6%
Tyson Gloria - 3.6%
Sketch - 3.6%
Winchester - 3.6%
Nari - 3.6%
Mozart - 3.6%

4. A very important QUESTION and one outcome that makes me sad! A close race my friends....

Liquid Cheese - 55.2%
Powder Cheese - 44.8%

5. Should Karl kill a deer?

Gross - 44.8%
Yes - 31%
No - 24.1%

GROSS takes the cake. That is why I hope to have a picture of Karl with his GROSS deer soon so you can all vomit all over your keyboards. ;)

6. Brit Brit / K Fed:

Ok, here are my "OTHER" (20.7%) answers which clearly could have fit into one of the options but THANK you (really) for expressing pretty much the exact same opinion in your own words.

  • In some demented way, I actually feel sorry for her even though she's a dumb ass for ever marrying him and having 2 kids with him in the first place. He's going to steal a lot of her $.
  • I really don't give a shit they are both completely worthless individuals
  • i dont gaf
  • who cares, they're both idiots
  • Bout time
  • hm

THE WINNER: I don't care (yes I do I just try to cover it up): with 27.6%
Ecstatic; can't wait for the COME BACK ALBUM. 24.1% (!!!!!)
I really don't care (but I knew ALL about it just the same) 20.7%
Pumped; finally she has come to her senses - 6.9%

Ok this is taking too long - the voting one 60% were happy, the cheese dip one El Porton won and a listing on the others of many yummy cheese dips... all of which we must try soon.

And the tribute band answers:

  • Karl, a tribute to the man.
  • britney spears and hit you baby one more time
  • Jimmy Buffett-ette and the Coral Reefers-ettes! Guess who I am?
  • Tupac. He is the greatest rapper of all time. He is the first and only Poetic Thug who could make you cry on one track, like "Dear Mama" and then the very next second he makes you want to kill someone like the track "Hiy em Up", on which he drops the F-Bomb an astonishing 70+ times. Also since he is not really dead maybe at one of our tribute concerts he could anounce his so called "resurrection"
  • Cher. Because I'd have sososo much fun with costumes and wigs and makeup... omigod. I should do it. Now.
  • The Village People starring the following individuals: Jeff will be the indian chief Jenny will be the police man Amber will be the construction worker and Abby Bug and Lill will swap out performances as the fourth. WHY????? Because think of a band that would be more fun. I like to dress up...especially in Karl's big boots!
  • ashlee simpson.
  • Me in a band? Scary since I am tone deaf! Anything where I can play the drums, loud!!
  • your mom
  • either Nirvana or Pearl Jam, maybe The Smiths
  • We are young, heartache to heartache we stand No promises, no demands Love is a battlefield woh woh woh woh woh woh woh woh wohhh We are strong, no one can tell us we're wrong Searchin' our hearts for so long, both of us knowing Love is a battlefield
  • If I could start a tribute band, it would be a Billy Idol tribue band. Jr loves to do the face and it would rock.
  • kiss... i love makeup and big platform shoes, id be the guy with the star over his eye
  • oh MAN. so many good ones! perhaps journey. even though they are still out there touring with like their 3rd lead singer. hmm...who else. maybe spinal tap, from the movie spinal tap. cause that would be funny. OR speaking of fake movie bands, STILLWATER from almost famous. yeah. boy this sure is ANONYMOUS i am sure you have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER WHO FILLED OUT THIS BALLOT.
  • I think I'd probably go with Barbie and the Rockers. Man, I even had the panties back in the day.
  • I would be Ben Harper and sing about how everyone should be nice to everyone and that it is up to us to make the world a better place.
  • tupac???? b/c my husband told me to
  • that's easy... JOURNEY. a) the are the greatest power/soft rock band of my generation. b)steve perry epitomizes the "ugly man = hot man" as long as he's got a mic c) i could name the band the lovin' touchin' squeezins
  • Tiffany...classic.
  • I would be Mr. T and pay homage to his album Be Somebody (Or Be Sombody's Fool). Great songs like : Peer Pressure, Treat Your Mother Right, and of course Stylin'

All excellent answers. I just don't see a clear winner. We are officially having a TRIBUTE band themed party sometime in the near future where all of these GREAT ideas can be put to use.


Kristy said...

Barbie and the Rockers!! Now there is a great comeback... Just wondering who the superwoman is who could pull off playing Barbie.

Kristy said...

Oh and I forgot to say... dead deer are gross. Did he kill Bambi or his mom because if he did, tell him we are in a fight!

melissa said...

Just think of all the jerky you could have...

Anonymous said...

oooh... KISS is a good one. i'd go that tribute band in concert. i might even pay for a ticket.

Elizabeth Spann said...

What a wonderful post. :)
I would make a wonderful Pat Benetar.