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Liquid Cheese: 53.8%
Powder Cheese: 46.2%

Powder cheese is making a strong play for the lead. I love powder cheese with my whole heart.

I am leaving the polls open until this evening if you haven't gotten a chance to vote yet. Or i think you can vote again since it is the next day? Maybe?

Audra wanted me to post a picture of Izzy (shameless plug!). I took some artistic liberties. Those are alien thingey's - not very fabulous but give me a break it's 8 a.m. and i haven't had any caffeinne yet. I am barely breathing.


brooke knight said...

izzy's fur is so SHINY! :D

the gloria family said...

no fair!!!! where is the love for tyson?

Anonymous said...

seriously - jj should be on here too ;-)

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful dog. she must have great parents.

Elizabeth Spann said...

Oh, you pet owners. :)
GASP- did Audra actually comment there...??