he'll say are you married, we'll say nah MAN

Well it is a good thing we didn’t put up a TREE as our bedroom floors are being finished (stinks something awful throughout the whole house – I think I am high from the fumes RIGHT now MAN – shnozberries – I think I might need to go home from WORK). This morning I got dressed from a laundry basket of shoes in my living room, a dresser drawer that is now stored on the floor our office, the guest bedroom where we are sleeping all crammed in, and the coat closet (not just for coats anymore!) that is stuffed with clothing. And I was only five minutes late for work – I was impressed. The above pics show the scary zipper door covering to our bedroom and our pretty floors and the mass destruction of christmas!

I am having trouble concentrating at work but busy so I have to try harder (taste like shnozberries) as I have lots to do.

Elizabeth got a pup-pup-pupalicious. Check out Ms. Parker Posey Poo Poo (sorry e beth – the fumes) – making her grand entrance to the blogosphere on e’s bloggity blog.


Anonymous said...

the zipper door reminds me of e.t. "YOU'RE KILLING HIM!!!" man that was a freaky part. i was sobbing the first time i saw it

Anonymous said...

i know - it is very alien invasion.

Elizabeth Spann said...

That's a cute puppy, I tell ya what.
Nice floors! They are gorgeous! :) Proud of you for wrapping.

melissa said...

Beautiful floors! Call me in STL! Have a very safe trip!

Leah Billings said...

Fumes! I can relate to the fumes. I've been re-painting the trim at my mom's house with oil-based paint. Whooo! I can barely see straight.