teach me oh wise one(s)

this morning i am spending some quality time with my teeth. absorbing their wise ways. listening to their wisdom. before they are ripped out of my skull.

i haven't had a bite to eat or drink all day (not even water!). i am about to pass out. wish me luck.


Leah Billings said...

Ouch! I hate the dentist...AND mouth pain. It's the worst. Good luck to you, and make sure they give you some happy pills.

melissa said...

Good Luck, when are you getting that done? Mine wasn't too bad, hopefully you'll have the same luck. Happy pills are nice :)

Elizabeth Spann said...

Gooooooood luck! I need to do that too.

Anonymous said...

Don't Do it!!!! I'm glad I caught you in time. When I had my wisdom teeth yanked. The dentist here in Arkansas didn't give me enough medication. So I could feel everything but I couldn't yell out to have him stop. I felt them sawing, ripping and digging at my teeth. Luckily I passed out when the blood shot out of my mouth. I don't mean to scare you, I'm sure medicine has gotten better in the last year.
Anyway take care of carl, he's a keeper.
Mark J. Friedman III
ABPG Alum.

Susan said...

Hahhaha....Mark kills me! Anyhow, you'll be fine and back in action by Monday, and think of the positive side...you'll probably loose some lbs! Coming from a preggo who put on 9 lbs the last month, I'm envious. Just don't do what Seth did and think you're AOK too soon and eat a hamburger or something. Stick to soup for a couple days no matter what. Mashed potatoes too! I know your love for spud products! See....bright side!