I feel like maybe i have posted about this before on the old bloggy blog but here is a phrase i can not stand:


instead of "exuse me or what did you say or please repeat" or really just something that is a complete sentence or phrase that makes sense. even "huh?" and "eh?" are preferable and hurt my ears much less. and here in the great state of AR you have to draw out the question like so: "doooooo wuuuuhhhhuuuut?" if you are shocked or surprised by what the other is saying OR like so: "duwhat" *sharp t* and say it fast (all one word) if you mean business and need someone to seriously answer you right then.

i have heard it ONE TOoooo MANY TIMES this week at work (and it's only tuesday!).

i am down with saying "ya'll" occasionally (it even slips out of my mouth quite accidentaly these days!) but NEVER will i be a do-whatter! and you can't make me. but i still love all of you that say it - just a little less than i would otherwise ;) teehee.


Anonymous said...

i have to admit that it slips out every once in awhile. alas, being raised in the south, it is a part of my vocabulary.

Elizabeth Spann said...

I totally say that. I catch myself when I'm around you & it's always too late- can't take it back and say, "I mean, huh??"
I have no idea where that comes from. I really don't think my folks say it. Must be my hick friends. :)

Leah Billings said...

Even though I am not "from" the South, I must admit that I have picked up this particular terminology. I have the feelings you that you have for "do what?" for "ya'll." I will never be caught dead saying that phrase in my life Ever!! This makes us even I guess. We're both yankees who have picked up an unattractive term from living in the south that each other detests...so, yeah, even steven.

Susan said...

Hmmm...I might be a do-whatter every now and then, not often though. What I can't stand is when people use the word "and" when it should be "to." For example, "I'll try and come see you."

Stacia said...

I often feel that is one says "do what" they are either doubting me or in a round about way saying no.

care said...

y'see, I'm all about y'all. 'cause at least it's a contraction.

do what? not a "contraction." not even a shortened version of a phrase. the only time this phrase is an actual valid response is if someone asks you to DO something, and you don't hear them, and you politely ask "do what?"

here in NC they drop entire letters, though. like q's and k's and sometimes add in an "n" for fun. NOTHING is phonetic. makes me batty. case in point" pasquotank, pronounced pank-o-tank. or duraleigh rd, which is said "dur-uh-lee" even though, based on the nearby cities, it should be dur-raleigh.