monday morning strikes again

weekend updates later tonight. i had a good one and karl is back safely from vegas and salt lake city. i will have pictures from my weekend and his week shortly.
i'm in to the home stretch of my current job. time is ticking by very, very slowly. if you are bored at work and need something to do, please feel free to email me as i am wrapping things up around here and would be more than happy to respond. this morning i had some hand-written to-do listS! on my desk from my boss complete with underlines and exclamation points and scribbles. even with all that, it's not clear and/or are things that are in progress or completed. i feel very much like the girl from the devil wears prada. except, in my case, the devil wears ratty sweatshirts that don't quite cover the tummy.


melissa said...

ewww they don't even cover the stomach? ugh, that is the WORST. :) xox

Jax said...

YAY KAT!!!!!!! I love your sweatshirt description.. Mine was the devil wears italian leather with pin striped suits. Yeah. Whatever!! Okay, find me a job in Arkansas. I'm bored here. haha!

Sarah said...

eff your boss