casa de angela and the gang

at the aeropuerto leaving mexico...
i don't want to leave (and look possibly like an anorexic orphan)... jenny and jeff's wedding present from us: dinner at le kliff (literally built into a cliff overlooking the water. quite possibly the coolest dining atmosphere EVA. )
the bride and groom dance the dance.
luke looking cool with his shades and cigar - TAKING MORE PHOTOS!
the sun is setting - the sun saved the most beautiful set of our trip for the wedding night.
little island people lounging in the pool
the first group toast: TO MEXICO!!
we told karl to "suck it in"
the aforementioned mosquito netting on the beds! the whole villa was open air - showers, toilets, bedrooms, common areas, all of it!! i looooved showering with a view! the view from our bathroom shown below.... the only time i have ever enjoyed my small bladder! HA!

our first meal in puerto vallarta - karl blew us a little tune. un pacifico por favor.
so the trip was awesome as i am sure you have seen some of the pics already on both melissa
and brooke's blogs!! they both did a much better picture taking job than me. oh well! the villa was, as stated, awesome on all accounts. we decided we are so spoiled now that we can never travel again with out a staff (the villa had a chef, TIMO whose food was AMAZING, our house man SAUL (sa-oool who took care of us on so many levels), and his assistant ONOFRE. they seriously took care of everything. food, drinks, problems, everything. the open air concept was awesome... no air conditioning or real private spots, just an amazing amount of fresh air, sunshine, and happy smiles. cabs were cheap! (like $4 to get from the villa to downtown where we did some shopping!) it was an experience like no other and karl and i still can't get over it or thank jenny and jeff and her family enough for including us.


melissa said...

not only can i not concentrate on work or anything else, i'm pretty sure that i can't talk about mexico anymore, otherwise i will drown in a pool of tears because we are no longer there. thanksgiving 2008. puerto vallarta. casa angela. let's book it now.

Elizabeth Spann said...

Mexico looked amazing. :D Glad to have you guys back!

Jax said...

I LURVE your photos!!!!!! Looks like a friggin paradise...esp with a wedding! Whoever I marry, whenever I marry, I shall do it destination...and you shall be there... and it shall be wonderful.. and yeah. AND if I dont get married, Ill just have a fabulous "friend" ceremony in a few years in the bahamas or something. whatever. hahahaha!

Lauryl Lane said...

wow, so amazing! kat, you look so SKINNY! the pix are beautiful and it just sounds like such a wonderful time.

Megan said...

Makes me want to go to Mexico!

Susan said...

That looks like my image of Heaven. Wow! Loved the bridesmaids' dresses, hearted Jenny's veil, and well, pretty much everythign else about that post!
Glad you're back. Now, CALL ME!

kristen said...

love the pictures. sigh...looks like fun.

brooke knight said...

thanks for giving the shoutout to the staff, i meant to, but was too tired after posting all those pics to actually add any words! good job. amazing job to jenny and jeff for making it happen.