oh the weather outside is delightfully warm

things i did and did not do this weekend:

- i bought ONE christmas present. one. and i think i am going to take it back.
- i decorated nothing.
- i got no tree.
- i cleaned minimally.
- i cooked not at all *unless you count heating things up*

maybe this whole get into christmas thing isn't working out.

pretty much i feel like a worthless piece! :) my windows are open (70!) and i am going to take a nap with that nice breeze blowing in!

also, i went to the store (grocery style). Can someone please tell me why milk is like $4.50? Seriously. Karl and I each drink a gallon a week (at the least! and of the 2% variety!). It is becoming a more expensive habit than smoking! I NEED MY MILK. what can we do about this!?


Lauryl Lane said...

girl! you need to get on the xmas band wagon! ;) as for the milk... we don't drink it (just soy milk on our cereal), but i had to buy some right before turkey day to use in baking/cooking and i was flabbergasted at how expensive it was. almost $5 a gallon. what is up with that, is there a shortage of milk cows or something?

melissa said...

Funny you mentioned that...I just made a scene at the grocery store...we just started drinking milk on a regular basis...is this obnoxious price new?

Sarah said...

we've also noticed how expensive milk is... it is freaking ridiculous.

Elizabeth Spann said...

Sigh... I love milk. With everything. Pizza, pasta, Chinese food... mmmmmm.
It was good to see you on Saturday night!!

Megan said...

My Charlie drinks around 3 gallons per week. In Maui we found a gallon for $9.49! Guess they don't drink milk at all over there.

Leah Billings said...

Don't discourage. It's okay if you're not a christmas lover. Personally, I loathe Easter and a lot of people think I'm crazy for that, but I just can't help it. I always want my winter back around that time.

I'm not a milk drinker, but I've noticed that other grocery items have gone up in price lately too. I'm sure they say its because of gas prices. That seems to be everyone's excuse lately for making things more expensive. Ugghh!

Stacia said...


p.s. Milk is nasty..don't drink it ;)

the day's said...

milk is high, because gas is high. what? you say...well, the theory is that people would like an alternate fuel source (no not milk) ethanol. so therefore corn has been more in demand...and what do cows eat? corn. ding ding ding....right answer....ahhhhh, alas, i am THE fountain of useless knowledge! ;) don't believe me? check out cnn.com...

and go ahead be bah-humbug...all that cooking only leads to extra calories, which lead to extra trips to the gym! so see you aren't NOT in the spirit...you are just practical! :)

Chandle said...

It's because of the rising price of gas and biofuel production. Corn prices have risen due to biofuels causing the cost to feed cows to rise. It also cost more to transport the milk, b/c gas is 3.15 a gallon and diesel is way worse. wait, the last guy just posted that, oh well, it took a lot of typing, i'm not deleting it, Merry Christmas.

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