i have nothing to say.

i think this is a first in the history of my blog. i have nothing to say. for real. i don't get it. someone give me a topic. HELP. surely, i have news. i have talked to lots of people. i just can't think of ANYTHING. maybe i should delete. GO AWAY WRITERS BLOCK; you are ANNOYING.

my feet are cold. my hair looks pretty today. i can't stop eating sunflower seeds. i got a raise. karl got a raise. he got a bonus. um. somehow we went to the same college, got the same (similar) degrees from the same business schools, got the same grades. SO WHY DOES HE MAKE SO MUCH MORE MONEY THAN ME? just sayin.' some days it bothers me, some days it doesn't. (raise time makes it bothersome). i know he works in corporate, and i have switched jobs, and there are pros and cons about both and all and vomitey voms. BUT STILL. i know we are both lucky to have jobs and like them
(and rec. raises). BUT STILL.

karl and i have this thing that we do: we call it the million dollar challenge. i won't tell you all the details but it is (loosely) a competition - has to do with making money, contributing... (blah, blah). I just finished checking our 07 budget and working on 08. Pretty much he is KICKING MY ASS. somewhat embarrassing. ah, well. such is life. money is the devil anyway.

on a positive note, my husband can't keep track of $$ to save his life. AND I CAN (that is the positive part)! TAKE THAT. that is how we are debt free!! (well, besides those pesky student loans.) i always tell him if it were in his hands, he would see how fast he could race each pay check to zero. (and eat $1 hungry man meals for the days before his next paycheck; true and disgusting story.)

there. that was semi-interesting, right? kinda? i'm pregnant. you have to say yes.

15 weeks, 5 days


Jennifer said...

I like it and i like you

Stacia said...

Yes interesting and money, yep it is the devil! Talk about baby stuff?

Lauryl Lane said...

you are always interesting. ;)

Sarah said...

congrats on the raises. goody-goody-gum-drops.

Susan said...

How is the nursery going to be decorated? Gender nuetral, no doubt! Theme? Do share!