omg she IS married

so, hey, this is karl. i know he hasn't gotten much blog play lately, so i thought i should give you a short update on him. and remind myself of warmer times simultaneously since the weather and my gas bill are both depressing. i asked him what he wanted updated about himself... no response. so hopefully i throw enough out there but not too much. okay... um, he is training for his second marathon (march in lr if anyone wants to come watch!). He ran a 16 last weekend and is running an 18 miler this weekend. yes, in the cold. and yes, you could run that far too (if you wanted to of course). please don't tell him he is crazy b/c he devotes a lot of time and energy and motivation to running and his heart is happier than the rest of ours. :) sorry for the slight rant; pet peeve of mine in response to any training program... running or otherwise. don't say you can't do it. just admit you don't want to.

he is coaching 7th&8th grade basketball again (third year) and his team is UNDEFEATED this year. which makes me happy since i am pretty sure his team didn't win one game in the past two years combined. they are the cutest bunch of kids and very respectful to their coach. (he finally made them start running laps at practice!! hehe!) i like to go watch them play and him coach though i get entirely TOO emotionally involved in the games i attend. nevertheless, pretty awesome.

on the job front, things have calmed. AS IN: IT IS STILL THERE! he. it *looks* like there will be an office in LR. Will keep you posted of course, but it appears Cincinnati is out of the picture for the moment (my slight excitement at the prospect of moving crushed, but, really, cincinnati isn't really where i would move, so no worries). Details are still being finalized and companies still changing hands, but it seems as if everything is going to be okay for us to remain in LR.

i will do a baby hills update this weekend. onofre-pintobean-brisket-poppy insertyournicknamehere hills seems to be okay in his incubator (did i tell you that my GP told me i sounded like a 'perfect little incubator' at my first appointment? hehe. let's hope he is right!!) to get your "kat preggo fix" i will leave you with some food details from today and yesterday:

diary of a preggo:
dinner: pulled pork shoulder, biscuits, corn (TODAY)
lunch: roast beef plate, mashed potatoes, carrots (TODAY)
lunch day before: beef brisket, double potato salad (YESTERDAY)

yum. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT. and i am hungry again. hamburger, anyone? no, WAIT, a HOT DOG!

16 weeks, 6 days


Jennifer said...

I love the pictue of you guys....it makes me miss Mexico soooooooooooooo much. I wish we could do it all over again. I love you both so much and of course auntie jenny loves her little ononofre. Can't wait to meet you little guy!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry - did you say "pulled pork shoulder"? Ew. I can't believe the thought of guacamole turns your stomach, but pork shoulder sounds good! So glad I'm a vegetarian...

Love the picture. I need a vacation and that reinforces it.

Yay Karl! Way to be a coach and way to run a marathon (you can do it!) and way to (hopefully) have a job!

Kristy said...

Pheobe? You arent supposed to eat meat. Is someone being a noodle freak in your place?

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

don't throw the swimsuit combo away! i can see you carrying around a naked little butt, perched on your hip, in that outfit!

Beth said...

Hi, Kat! It's Megan and Susan's friend, Beth Gray. I just read on Susan's blog that you are pregnant! Congratulations!!!!

melissa said...

oh sugar, i agree with all of the above (almost). you look cute in that suit (rhyme rhyme rhyme), and you'll equally cute with a baby on your hip while wearing it. i miss mexico as well, and i'd go back tomorrow if we could. eat all the meat you want, mama. it's good for you. miss you darling. xoxo

melissa said...

Good luck Karl!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Ahhh I have such good memories of that swimsuit. Does that sound weird? Ha ha ha. Gooooooood luck tomorrow, Karl. You are SERIOUSLY a rockstar. No, seriously.

Sarah said...

i have no problem admitting that not an ounce of my being wishes to run 18 miles. a 5k, cool, i'm down but no mas. k? k.

karl rocks. and his baby mamma too.

Anonymous said...

You called the baby a He. Is this true or just Mother's Intuition??!!

Anonymous said...

Karl, I'm coming for you! I'm currently training for the OKC Memorial Marathon thanks to your fine example, though it will tough to get ready, but like you said, its totally do-able. Hell, I've already lost over 15 pounds doing this so far!

Best to all 2.5 of you.

Sarah said...

oh look at you here--all cute and preggers!

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