yum yum yum

just got back from my step class and ONE of my neighbors is most definately making burgers on a grill/bbq b/c i can smell the meeeeeeeatt and i am drooooooling. literally. boo. wonder if they would mind sharing. ah, i will just make waffles. (clearly similar in food groups.). pretty much i feel food is amazing at this juncture in my life. yum yum yum. no worries. still only 6 pounds up. I ain't scared; I still weigh less than #'s i have seen on my scale non-pregnant. that's all i'm sayin.

i might be on my post work out high BUT i had to work hard to NOT overwork myself in my class tonight. i am pretty sure i could challenge, um, someone REALLY fast to a sprinting competition and WIN!
right now. just sayin. i hope this energy sticks around for a few months.

i am watching 'the biggest loser'. god, i love this show. make FUN of me at your own will. i don't care. i love trainers bob and jillian. scary news about sugar in soda. eeks. (i like to pretend i don't know that i possibly consumed 50 plus pounds of sugar in a year by drinking ONE 12 ounce soda a day. i am blocking it out.)

i found this today: HOW AWESOME IS THAT? There are some sweet baseball pictures in the 1910 News Collection.

as a follow up to my earlier post about labor and delivery AND as part of my personal research: IF you read this blog and IF you have kids and have been through labor/delivery and wouldn't mind sharing your labor story or maybe your moms stories (what you know) with me i would love to hear it (send to me at h.kathleen@gmail.com). No judgement, (I have NO idea what i am going to do yet!) just sharing if you can. I got an email from my friend Mel with hers tonight and it made me happy. If it's too scary, please sugarcoat accordingly (not too much!). thank you. i know no one can really TELL YOU but it's nice to hear other women's stories.

17 weeks, 4 days


Elizabeth Spann said...

Your label made me laugh. A lot. That's my Kat!!

melissa said...

Is it bad that I crave red meat all the time and I'm not pregnant? :)

Lauryl Lane said...

i'm guessing this means you are no longer having the sickies? good! eat away! ;)

Megan said...

My Mom is going to email you Kat.

Kristy said...

I must refer to a previous post about the duck/chicken dance. They were talking about it on the radio this morning. One of the girls said that she had even read an article that it is only a St. Louis thing to call it the duck dance.

Don't worry Katie, the other host response was that not everywhere can be right all the time!

Sarah said...

dude, the meat thing is freaking me out. i'll bring a cow when i come, we can cook it.

Maria said...

I hope you got the email I sent. I only wrote a small book! Epidurals are scary. I mean, it's stuff going in to your back way close to nerves and all sorts of things!