all quiet on the western, er southern, front

we are spending the week prepping for the marathon! the shot blocks and gels are purchased, sleep is happening A LOT, medicine for karl's lingering cough (almost gone!) is being taken - cough medicine with hydro-cod in it which makes the whole house restful, thank the lord. i love my husband but the restless nights awake were killing me. is that selfish? yea. probably. let's just say we are all happier he is getting better.

i have, of course, picked up a little of karl's illness. just a little. (i did wake up with my face in his pillow two mornings in a row - a normal every day practice while karl showers - an attempt to sleep just five more minutes!). the throat is sore and the ears are stuffed. so i am drinking oj and gargling salt water like a good girl. yum yum yum. and trying not to pass it back!

for some preggo fun: this link is a fun example of, well, how your organs shift during pregnancy. FREAKY. all i have to say is, can you imagine where they go when you have two or three or four at once? just sayin'. let me know if this link works for you; it seems to sometimes. there is a little bar you drag across to show growth. check those organs. http://www.pennhealth.com/health_info/pregnancy/9monthmiracle/tools/fetaltool.html

21 weeks, 6 days


kristen said...

that was some freaky shizz. no wonder pregnant women have to pee all the time.

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