for lent i have given up alcohol (and watermelons)

sweet potatoes, fat tuesday, super tuesday, tornadoes, ash wednesday, busy week at work, the girls coming this weekend, and, um, well, i am one happy preggo lady. which is great, since it is february and all. let's hope the rest of the month goes by quickly and happily. Crossing fingers.

karl and i voted. not a bit of a line at our polling place. maybe b/c the tornado sirens were going off at the time. super tuesday was super scary around here. (more so outside of central ar; we only saw a bad storm and lots of wind). Shockingly (not at all), Hilary and Huckabee took Arkansas. i still don't understand why florida and michigan have no dem delegates b/c they voted before Feb 5? and why some states have reduced delegates by half (on the rep side?). Additionally, Mardi Gras and tornados across the country kept people away from polls, i guess? do you think thats true? I am confused.

ANYWAY, today is ash wednesday. go get your ashes and let me know what you are giving up for lent. this year its for sure the sauce for me. (my mom said they always used to say watermelon b/c it was never in season. who eats watermelon in february?) No, but for real, I am going to give up: _________. Um, help?

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY (as though elections and tornados and religious sacrifices were not important enough!) I FINALLY had a "stranger comment" about my pregnancy at the gym last night. (it was just a 'hey, i didn't know you were pregnant! you are pregnant, right?') YEA! does that make it official?

Here is what the nestbaby.com (this is where i get all my ridiculous food comparisons) has to say about the sweet potato week: "Your fetus has become amazingly mobile (at least compared to you -
WHICH I BEG TO DIFFER; I TOTALLY WENT TO STEP CLASS LAST NIGHT), passing the hours yawning, hiccuping, rolling, twisting, kicking, punching, sucking and swallowing. And, baby's finally big enough that you'll be able to feel those movements soon."

18 weeks, 5 days


melissa said...

I'm thinking about giving up pizza. Or cheeseburgers...I had 5 cheeseburgers in 5 days this weekend (granted it was Mardi Gras but still)...I like cheeseburgers. Cute belly pics. What was the stranger comment?

Jennifer said...

ahhhh a stranger comment that's awesome....

Maria said...

I am going to reduce/expell my potty mouth. I had been doing so well, but when frustration and stress overtook me in the past few weeks, good ol' potty mouth returned.

Oh, and I LOVE that you are doing step. I did it in to my 7th month (before moving to Germany), and people were always shocked! I would have kept going, but well, I moved to Germany and walked a million miles a day instead.

Lauryl Lane said...

i don't understand it either, CNN did a terrible job explaining. i especially don't understand "super delegates." i mean, don't the delegates represent their congregational districts? so how can they have "made a decision" if the votes hadn't come in yet? SO CONFUSED.

brooke knight said...

paul says he is giving up red meat, soda, and cursing.

i guess you could say i am trying to give up being cynical that he will actually achieve all that.

Sarah said...

i am giving up POP, COLA, SODA, COKE--whatever it is that you say, in whatever part of the country you might live.

leggo my preggo... matt's had two phone calls from friends this week saying their wives are preggers. hope he does not get any ideas.

Sarah said...

oh ya, and i think you totally look preggers now. the last pictures you posted, your belly was taking the shape.

Sarah said...

oh and that girl is damn lucky that you are preggers. i am surprised she said it because it is always a risk!

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

i got ashy today, but not sure what i'm giving up yet. couple of things in the hopper so i'll have to get back to you. main thing is sugar though, in all it's forms. which basically means i can roll up and die b/c there is sugar in everything right? and rambling. i'm giving up rambling too. :)
you look great in your photos by the way. really good. and rambling.

Susan said...

Last year when I was 8 months pregnant during Lent, I decided that I had given up enough...alcohol,sleep, and being comfortable mainly! This year....dumdadumdum...BEER!

Chandle said...

It's sounds like you're doing great.

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