28 week fruit - a chinese cabbage

i also got "A SACK OF FLOUR" as a comparison. i like the cabbage. hmmmmmm... cabbage. i have no idea what chinese cabbage is vs. regular cabbage? yum yum yum. however, don't ever do the cabbage diet. STINKY.

i have pregnancy brain - i can't concentrate on ANYTHING. i have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. will keep you posted.

28 weeks, 3 days


care said...

I am not a fan of cabbage, BUT I am still a fan of ono.

brooke said...

DUDE your baby is BIG. i so, so love him or her. so very much!

Elizabeth Ross said...

Have fun at your appointment! Love ya!

Stacia said...

A cabbage patch baby this month ....how big baby is getting!

llane said...

whoa, that's big. you don't look big enough to have a cabbage in the oven.

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