more cabbage, much more cabbage

yea, here is 30 week "fruit/food". more cabbage. though not of the chinese variety this week.

baby estimated weight = 3 pounds.
baby estimated length = 15 inches. (head to toe)

(stats are for the average THIRTY weeker. yea, that's me.)

what are you doing this GORGEOUS WEEKEND? karl's work has their "GO LIVE" this weekend which is much more lame than it sounds and really just means he has to work all weekend and/or be within ten minutes of a computer (like he wouldn't be.).

so i plan on walking a lot, resting, organizing, watching LOST, (ugh. we finally got ADDICTED. and the addiction is STRONG so please don't say anything. we just started S2.), finishing thank you cards from the shower, hanging with friends and family, trying not to spend money (that is a goal of every weekend but it never seems to work out that way).

SITTING seems to be increasingly uncomfortable these last few days (standing is much better) with the position of this child so if you need a mental image of me, picture me at work, at my desk, in a totally inappropriate for work old navy tank top (jeans and flips), standing at my keyboard, and typing this blog! really, my computer is at a good height for this whole stand-typing thing. maybe i will never sit again!

work is slow today so i am going to take advantage and work on my birth plan for a minute. cause, you know, i like to prep and plan... even if THE PLAN doesn't work out...i like to pretend i know what i am doing!

30 weeks!


Maria said...

Even if it doesn't go exactly like your plan, it's a good idea to have one. :)

Susan said...

I was addicted to LOST. I watched it via blockbuster.com til the beginning of 3 I think. Then, it just got tired. Anyhow, try sitting on your yoga ball at work again. Might be more comfy than the chair and you don't have to stand constantly. And, we'll miss you Sat. at the crawfish boil! Come if you can, even if it's late, we'll be up at the bonfire!

Jax said...

1. Welcome to the world of Lost, lovely. Please get caught up so I can give you all the theories. Oh..I think you're at the "it's purgatory" stage, right?

2. What does a birth plan entail?

3. I laughed at the image of you standing at work...almost daring someone to tell you to sit. lol!

Miss you. :)

Chandle said...

i'm a planner but it never works out girl. I'm sorry you can't sit. It'll be over soon! I know I can't start watching lost, until it's over. I made the mistake with the wire, and now I am impatiently awaiting season 5 on dvd.

Jax said...

Please update your blog template header with an arrow to Ono. Thank you. ;)


Anonymous said...

I love browsing your website because you can always bring us new and awesome things, I feel that I must at least say a thank you for your hard work.

- Henry

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