you know you should wear more clothes and brush your hair when

OR, maybe i should title this post, you know you look like a pregnant teenager when...

i got home from work today and took a nap.

i woke up.

put on some shorts and a tank top all sleep eyed and bed headed and make up flaked to run to the grocery store for milk, cereal, and some fruit. (and some mac and cheese but that is neither here nor there).

get in line to check out.

THEN the sweet girl (who is probably a good five years younger than me) checking me out asked if i qualified for WIC and had any WIC items in my cart. (looking pointedly at my three gallons of milk and cereal!)

(not that there is anything wrong with participating in WIC programs at any juncture in your life... but i just love when people assume things).

so, no need to be offended or anything silly like that...but karl and i have been giggling about it all night. and next grocery trip i will be, um, a little more dressed and awake, maybe? haha. i might even wear my wedding ring.

really, three gallons of milk was almost $15! i mean who couldn't use some lower food costs!?

29 weeks, 3 days


Maria said...

The first day of my birthing class, I walked in sans Kevin (he was already in Germany). Needless to say--introduction time, I pointedly stated that indeed I am married. LOL!


the day's said...

i am sorry, but i just MUST know...who consumes that much milk? and you both are so skinny! are we talking skim milk here? and lordy lordy help you when onofre is a toddler and wants milk, too. maybe instead of college you should invest in dairy cattle. ;)

Elizabeth Spann said...

Hee hee hee that made me laugh.

care said...

this made me giggle.

Anonymous said...

That's too funny b/c they always say to Adam "You can't buy all that with WIC!"
It really pisses him off & he says back "Do I look like I'm on WIC,lady?"
Anyway, thats just what they assume these days, I guess!

Megan said...

A checker at WalMart asked me if I was on WIC about a month ago. She said, usually when someone is buying that much milk (I had 3 gallons) they're on WIC. People are funny!

Anonymous said...

I just want to start off by saying that I do brush my hair and I also wear nice clothing. Also I am married and do wear my wedding ring. We have 5 people in our family and go through at least 20 gallons a months and the baby drinks formula. I'm not sure what you think people on WIC are supposed to look like but I take great offence to this post.

Chandle said...

Please drop the food cost! I agree. You made me laugh